RENEWABLE ENERGY SOLUTIONS = Heating + Cooling + Electricity + Storage = 24 | 7 | 365
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IS AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3... AND 4!

Looking for real world renewable energy solutions?
Search no further. Forget sources that are too intermittent, like wind. To finally gain outright energy independence, StarPak Group is your choice.
Why? Simple. StarPak renewable energy is stored. Big storage. Onsite storage lasting up to a full year. Storage that is scalable to do 100% of the heating and cooling job.

StarPak manufactures onsite renewable Combined Heating, Cooling and Power systems with such STORAGE. Specifically tailored to your objectives, we boast high ROI & rapid paybacks. Our innovative systems go way beyond PV, whose 15-18% conversion efficiencies merely trickle electrons. Our Workhorse Solar Thermal by contrast does 3 big jobs - Heating, Cooling & Electricity - not just a trickle-electron job, but very high fractions of the entire job. That’s why we call it The Cube©.

1. free heat made in summer, and stored for use next winter
2. free ice made last winter, for renewable air conditioning and refrigeration all summer
3. free electricity made thermoelectrically 24/7... AND
4. these free resources flowing in abundance onto your property are stored onsite up to 12 months

All Useful. All Yours. No Waste. Right Now.
StarPak systems are scalable to any size & type of building.
StarPak equipment works 24 / 7 / 365 in any type of climate.

Everything you're looking for, plus storage... beat that !

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