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Some Top Apps For StarPak Tech

Almost everyone can benefit from our StarPak CUBE© Systems…
below are some of the very best applications we’ve found…


1. Pool Owners

  •  1a)  Enjoying your pool is way easier when heat is free.  StarPak harvests free solar energy for your pool all spring, summer, fall… even year round.
  •  1b)  Kids off to college.  Pool going unused.  Time to fill it in?  You’re about to learn that decommissioning a pool can cost $8,000 to $10,000.  There is a better future for it:  It’s a free storage tank for your powerful new StarPak renewable energy system.  Ask StarPak for details.

 2.  Donors and Foundations

There is only one hands-down best way to donate to your Alma Mater, church or synagogue, or local Y.  Only one way to make your gift count so powerfully that it can be considered “A Donation on Steroids” and that way is the StarPak way.  Donating a renewable energy project to your chosen non-profits building is the Very Best Way to permanently help your donee and yourself.  Ask StarPak for details.


3.  Many Universities, have published presidential commitments to go renewable and become ‘net zero’ –

Everyone eagerly awaits a determined follow through.  Concessionary minor initiatives don’t cut it.  The time is now to do:  Something Big, Meaningful, Common Sense.  Something StarPak.  Ask StarPak for details.


4.  Federal Buildings With Net Zero Mandates

Federal Buildings MUST reduce fossil energy usage AND increase renewable energy usage every year.  EVERY Federal Building has fallen short.  Only one Group can swiftly, conclusively meet a full decade’s worth of goal in a single year.  Next Year.  That Group is StarPak Group.  Ask StarPak for details.


 5.  Utilities with strict, near-term Renewable Portfolio Standard [RPS] Mandates

PV and Wind have conclusively proven to be duds.  Unreliable.  Intermittent.  Grid-Destabilizing.  There is only one way to meet goal:  Renewable Thermoelectric.  Combined Heating, Cooling and Power.  Major Built-In Storage.  Annual Cycle Storage.  For major peak saving and reliability.  StarPak Cube©.  Ask StarPak for details.


6.  Facilities far from natural gas lines, where heating fuel is TRIPLE in cost – farms, resorts, second homes, and more.  Ranchers using propane which costs triple compared to utility natural gas; large upper Midwest farmers using propane to dry crops; dairy farmers

The gas line doesn’t come out your relaxing, natural beauty way.   But there is a way to eliminate ugly propane, oil and electric bills.  Go with solar energy made onsite.  Common sense thermal energy.  Enough storage to last an entire year.  StarPak Rapid Payback Workhorse Renewable Energy.  Ask StarPak for details.


7.  Hospitals, Ice Arenas, Airports Food Service and other Energy Intensive Buildings 

Would you like your facility to enjoy renewable energy without paying a penny more out of pocket for it?   StarPak knows how you can achieve this superior outcome.  Ask StarPak for details.


8.  Existing PV solar electric, array owners

You invested big in PV, but performance lags.  StarPak knows how your array can achieve its promised peak output.  StarPak’s PV retrofit package cleanly, inexpensively & simply boosts PV performance.  Ask StarPak for details.


9.  Existing geothermal owners

You invested big in geothermal-energy from Mother Earth, but performance gradually droops over time.  StarPak works with free energy from Father Sky… solar.  Starpak knows how to boost your geothermal system performance back to promised efficiency.  StarPak’s MotherEarth / FatherSky retrofit package cleanly, inexpensively & simply boosts performance.  Ask StarPak for details.